Registered and Endorsed Midwife

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Registered and Endorsed Midwife.

I am a mother of a young adult who was born under the watchful eye of a gentle skilled midwife at our home on the beachfront into the water en caul.

I am a Bachelor of Midwifery graduate from Griffith Uni 2013.  I completed my Masters of Primary Maternity Care (Griffith Uni) in 2021, with my Dissertation on post dates induction of labour.

I’m also a masseuse, counsellor, artist, healthy food maker, potter, cyclist and permaculture gardener.

What I Offer

  • Free initial consultation to meet each other.
  • Women centred evidence-based care (within my scope of practice as per the Australian College of Midwives guidelines for Consultation and Referral) Antenatal care with Medicare rebates, postnatal care with Medicare rebates for up to 6 weeks.
  • Referrals for blood tests and ultrasounds.
  • Service a 30 minute radius from Cairns.
  • Expected appointment schedule begins with a booking visit from pre-conception or anywhere in the first trimester, or one- off antenatal or postnatal appointments
  • Birth preparation including mindfulness, optimal maternal and fetal positioning, nutritional support, care in your home, surrounded by your loved ones and those you trust.
  • Well mother and baby checks, referrals as needed.
  • Prescription for medications if required.
  • Full baby check.
  • Breastfeeding support.
  • Baby massage.
  • Baby weights.
  • Community supports/networking.

Values / Philosophy of care

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a midwife?

A midwife is a trained registered professional who is an expert in normal pregnancy, labour, birth and 6 weeks postnatal.

Is it legal to have a home birth?

Yes it is, although no insurance currently exists for the labour and birth portion, which makes it expensive for women and families.

What will it cost?

The booking appointment costs $600. Most antenatal and postnatal appointments cost about $150. You will be invoiced after each appointment.

Are costs Medicare rebateable?

Medicare rebates exist for antenatal (pregnancy) and postnatal care. 

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mobile: 0488 990 214